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Web Hosting Companys

If you are new to food blogging, one of the first steps to getting started is to choose your domain, your site web hosting and platform. The domain is the website address. The hosting is the storage and access to the site. The platform is what changes a site to an actual blog.

Ideally, you want something that’s easy for you to use, and a company hosting web that has enough storage for what you plan to post (pictures and video).

The Platforms and Web Hosting

Two major blogging platforms exist in the blogosphere, and both offer free blog pages and free web hosting.

Through Google, Blogger offers a very user-friendly site to post blog posts and pictures. WordPress also offers a freebie version of their sites operating similarly to Blogger. The downfalls to using free services is the website address is usually a sub-domain like yourwebsite.blogspot.com, but that can be easily remedied by purchasing a domain and forwarding the blog to that address. In addition, you have less control over the look and functionality of the site making it more difficult to earn money from it.

Another option is to pay for your site web hosting and operate from the WordPress platform. The easiest way to do this is to choose a company that offers WordPress for their sites. Even static sites can be made with the WordPress platform with ease.

WordPress is very easy to use making a website as user-friendly as a free version, but you can also find more themes to customize for the site’s appearance and plugins to install (as easy as downloading a zip file and uploading as a zip file). Plugins exist for SEO boosting, site security, sharing icons, pop-up subscribing forms, forums, photo galleries, polls….

But if you wanted just web hosting, your options expand, but you will need some technical knowledge to operate and maintain a web blog.

Some companies offer web hosting reseller plans. They purchase web hosting from a major company, and rent pieces of the memory and bandwidth, usually with an additional service like website design. You may also decide to check into web hosting reseller plans and sell pieces of the internet for yourself.

What is a Web Hosting Company?

A web hosting company provides storage and bandwidth to use for a monthly fee (some can be paid annually or bi-annually, usually with a discount). You want to choose a company that is reliable because if their servers go down, so does your site. A great customer service line of communication is also helpful.

What is a Web Hosting Review?

Just about every company hosting web has a review somewhere on the internet. Because you don’t know what you are getting until you try a company, many people read the reviews before deciding on a company.

Best Web Hosting Companys

The following companies are recommended for food bloggers based on the services offered, the price, trustworthiness and reliability. Check out these web hosting usa companies:


With their custom-designed, in-house servers, Bluehost offers free domain, free site builders, unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 support. Rated high across the board in most web hosting reviews, Bluehost is a respectable, reliable source. Optimized hosting for WordPress makes getting a blog started even easier, and WordPress actually recommends Bluehost. Pricing starts at approximately $3.95 a month.


Yahoo Small Businesses

Specializing in merchant solutions, this web hosting usa company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California gets you started with everything you need: unlimited email storage, user friendly site design options, marketing and promotion, and site stats. Some of their web templates are designed specifically for promoting web sales. Stay on top of your insights and web statistics with the free Live Web Insight iPhone app where you can chat with customers right from your iPhone. Beware as trending customer reviews, across many sites, claimed the customer support wasn’t really helpful. For this reason, Yahoo is more recommended for those looking for just web hosting.



Ranked highly in reviews, HostGator offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space and email. Powered by 130% wind energy, HostGator guarantees 99.9% uptime and offers a 45-Day money back guarantee. Besides unlimited disk space, HostGator offers an easy control panel, 1-click script installs, over 4,000 website templates, and 24/7 technical support. You can make money easily with web hosting reseller plans as well as an affiliate program.



THE domain at THE price! $.99 .Com Domains from GoDaddy!
GoDaddy web hosting is one of the most respectable and reliant hosting companies on the web. It’s domain registration is unique to the other hosting companies, and it makes it easy to purchase multiple domains ending in .com, .net, .org, etc. Award winning customer support is offered 24/7. All plans with GoDaddy web hosting include free domain with annual plan, free email (integrated into Microsoft products), 1-click install of 200+ free applications like Joomla and Drupal, 24/7 security monitoring, site-building tool, and a user-friendly control panel. WordPress plans are differently priced.

These web hosting companies are just a small portion of what’s available on the web, but they are highly recommended across the web. Once you decide on your blogging platform and hosting, the next step is fun. You get to create a name.

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