Zaatar Bread Recipe

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Zaatar bread as been a tradition in my family for years. The tradition actually comes from my Lebanese background and being raised on this bread I have developed a strong love for it. Zaatar is a blend of herbs and spices but the main components include sesame seed, dried sumac, salt and thyme. Many people sprinkle Zaatar on bread, yogurt, vegetables and meat but really depends on how you like it. For me personally I like to mix the Zaatar seasoning with olive oil so it becomes a thicker paste and then I spread it on pita bread. I bake it in the oven till the bread toasts and the paste dries out a little. That is how you make Zaatar bread, the fast way. Like everything you can make the zaatar seasoning from scratch and the bread as well but if you don’t have time the premixed seasoning from the stores is pretty good.

ingredients-for-zaatar-bread zaatar-bread

You can really stuff this bread with anything but the toppings I have picked are pretty traditional and the flavors go well together. zaatar-paste-procedure

Just be careful when toasting this bread in the oven that you place foil underneath. Sometimes the oil will drip off the side depending how close you spread the zaatar paste to the edge of the bread. That will cause your oven to smoke and smoke detector to go off.

Zaatar Bread Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1-2
  • ¼ Cup olive oil
  • ¼ Cup Zaatar
  • 3 Tomato slices
  • Fresh mint
  • Feta cheese
  • 2 Greek style pita
  • Olives
  • Cuccumbers
  1. Mix olive oil and Zaatar together. Spread the zaatar mixture on top of your pita bread and toast the pita bread until zaatar mixture has dried out on top of the bread. Approximately 5 min.
  2. Take out and let coo. Add tomato slices, feta cheese and mint. Fold the bread and eat it like a wrap.
  3. I like having olives and cucumbers as a side dish. Enjoy

Zaatar can also be spelled like zatar, za’atar, zatr, za’tar, zattr, zahatar, zaktar or satar.

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